Babe Ruth's ‘Called Shot’ Legend


A legend was born when New York Yankee Babe Ruth faced Chicago Cubs pitcher Charlie Root at Wrigley Field on October 1, 1932, in the fifth inning of the third game of the World Series. 

Ruth is said to have successfully predicted - in words and gestures to the outfield - that on the next pitch he would hit a home run. Newspaper reports and eyewitness accounts of the day differ radically and no photographic proof has ever surfaced in the intervening 79 years. Yet the legend of Ruth's "Called Shot" has been widely known and hotly debated across five generations. 

Pitcher Root dismissed the legend to his death. Ruth, over his lifetime, offered several different accounts of his own fantastic feat - each one a little more dramatic than the previous. 

What’s your view? Did Babe ruth call the shot or not?

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Did the Babe really predict his most famous home run?
You may never know ... until you’ve seen this film!

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